Who’s Pilgrim of Delhi?


Hi, I’m Rajat Kumar Singh a.k.a Pilgrim of Delhi. First things first, let me Thank You for stopping by on my website. If you are here, you are probably curious to know more about me. So, here it goes…

I am an engineering graduate from Delhi Technological University(Formerly Delhi College of Engineering), with a passion for photography and traveling. I love cruising my motorcycle on the roads known and unknown. Since I am pursuing higher studies, I don’t get much time to travel the way I really wish! But that doesn’t stop me from creating good content for you guys. I take a lot of photos & try to pen down my experiences. I’d love for you to check them out.

I want to learn and experience as many wonderful things as I can and maintain a journal as I go so that you all can be a part of my beautiful journey.

Mainly, you’ll find me exploring different places in and around Delhi. Sometimes, I travel to the mountains in search of peace and serendipity. Above all, I have immense love for motorcycle riding and wish to visit as many places as I can on my Royal Enfield.

Follow me on my great travel escapade to experience some epic travel stories. I would be very grateful if you could share my blog with your friends and family. Your one share will brighten up my day. Thank you for being awesome.

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