Triund – A Magical Trekking Experience with Complete Itinerary

Triund is part of the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas. It’s one of the most popular treks in all seasons. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the Triund top from the Gallu temple. We too started our trek from the Gallu Devi temple. There are two ways to reach Gallu Devi temple

  1. By walking from the Mcleodganj main square till the Gallu temple. This takes about 1-1.5 hours depending upon the speed of the individual.
  2. By taking a taxi which costs about 150-200 INR per person.
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Before leaving Delhi, I spent many days planning the itinerary as I wanted every day to be perfect. I am writing the excerpts from our itinerary. Someone might find it useful.

My feelings prior to the Trip 

The story starts in the midst of 2018.

College getting over had a life-changing effect on me. College days were the best days of my life. The days characterized by a perfect blend of careless fun and hardships were now over. They were now replaced with a time of seriousness and responsibilities.

The real world had hit hard. It kept getting harder and harder every day. I was barely able to go through the day without indulging in a useless loop of thinking about the past. The past felt like utopia. Maybe I wasn’t able to get past those days.

With the time passing by, I kept on trying various things just to cope up with the new changes. I kept on indulging in different activities time after time just to pass my time. Time kept on passing by and my schedule became bad to worse.

I was working for 16-17 hours daily without getting proper sleep. I wasn’t doing any physical activity, wasn’t making healthy food. Finally, after a year, I reached my breaking point.

In order to take a break, I decided to travel somewhere nice. I got to know that some of my friends were also planning a trip from Delhi to Mcleodganj, the abode of Dalai Lama. It was the perfect place from Delhi, not too far. Therefore, I decided to join in.


Day 1 Overnight Bus journey – Delhi to Mcleodganj

We booked a Volvo from a private carrier since HRTC buses were not available. The bus left Majnu Ka Tila located at Kashmere Gate at around 6:30 in the evening. There were two stoppages for tea and dinner respectively.

When we reached the Mcleodganj bus stand at 7 in the morning, it was already raining. The weather looked gloomy. The hot June weather of the plains was long forgotten. The cool breeze started giving us goosebumps. It was too chilly, so we decided to have a light breakfast with a hot chai. Chai was a relief, as we clasped our hands around the cups, tightening our scarfs around shielding our necks from the cold wind.

Day 2

1. Checking in the hotel 

We reached the hotel around 10 am. Checked-in, kept luggage in the rooms, freshened up, and left without wasting much time of the day. We wore shoes and left the hotel to start the trek but ended up getting hungry within 10 minutes. So we stopped at a cute little shack cafe, overlooking a marvelous view, where we loaded ourselves with Maggi, paranthas, and chai.

View from the shack

We also bought some raincoats, which was a brilliant decision as you’ll find out as you read on.

We hired a taxi till the Gallu temple and made an entry with the Forest officials. This is the starting point of the trek. The forest officials have a makeshift office. They keep a track of each and every person who goes for the track. Any liquor based item is not allowed beyond that office.

2. Starting the Trek to Triund

After walking for a few minutes, I started getting a bit anxious. The weather started to worsen again. The dark grey clouds were back. Soon it started raining and it became harder to walk on the muddy irregular track. Our lungs were starting to give up. Maybe that is what happens when you don’t maintain your body.

To cheer ourselves up, I started playing some good old Hindi pop music. Who doesn’t remember Lucky Ali and Jal Band? Walking in the mountains between the lush green vegetation during the rains adds to the adrenaline rush. Who doesn’t love that?  It felt like I was in another world.

The rain got heavier and heavier as we climbed up. Soon it felt that someone was emptying jugs of water on our faces continuously. It was hard to walk and not slip but we crept on and on.  We had to make a stop and shelter for the rain had got unbearable by this point. Then we set off and reached the top in approximately about 4.5 hours.

3. Reaching the Triund Hill Top

Muddy and exhausted. But it was all worth it. We were greeted with a breeze that was like a prayer on our faces and excellent panoramic views of the Dhauladhar that make us lose our breaths again.

Pitching up the tent in the pouring rain was hard. I had walked in the rain for the last 4 hours. The rainwater had played its game. I was shivering with cold. Finally, with the help of the guy from a cafe, I was able to pitch my tent. My friends had rented tents from the Cafe itself.

Camping at Triund top.

The tent seemed like a cozy paradise shielding me from the pouring rain and frigid winds outside. By the time I was ready to take out my DSLR and click photos, it was already dark. A sad, unlucky thing on my part.

Finally, we were blessed with maybe an hour of no rain where we could enjoy the view and chill. This was a perfect opportunity to have some food. I settled down for a bowl of Maggi and a cup of tea. After that, I just laid down in my tent for some time.

At night, the weather became worse. It was raining cats and dogs. The loud thunderstorm along with the heavy winds was very intimidating. The winds very pushing my tent to one side. Luckily, I was able to save my tent from unraveling. It rained the whole night. Nature was showing its wrath. However, I was too tired from all the excursions of the day. Therefore, I soon fell asleep.

DAY 3 – Getting Down – Triund to Gallu Devi Temple

The morning felt calm. We were greeted by no rain but grey clouds.

After having a hearty breakfast at the cafe (chai, Maggi, Rajma Chawal) we set off to get down. As soon as we got down a bit, it started raining again. But trekking down seemed like a cakewalk in comparison to going up. Thanks to gravity 😉

All the cafes in the path were closed due to the heavy rain. The small streams of water were overflowing. It had rained so much that the water had started from the rocks above, creating streams of waterfalls. We were able to get down in less than 3 hours. Finally, we took the taxi from the Gallu temple to our hotel.

It was a magical experience. I am still glad that I went on that trip. It gave me temporary relief from my monotonous routine.

Ending Note:

I can only say that Triund trek is one of the most popular treks out there. If you haven’t scaled it already, then you should as soon as possible. It’s a relatively easy trek. A normal person can do it in 4-5 hours without any problems. In other words, you shouldn’t too worry about the fitness aspect.

The view at the top of the Triund hill is magical. The mighty Dhauladhar, the infinite sky, the endless lush green vegetation. Above all, it gives a sense of achievement just to stand at the top and stare at the infinite sky. And yes, it is a perfect place to sit and introspect.  You should give Triund a try. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right! But who cares 😉

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Cheers. Peace out!

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